Signs He Is Falling In Love

Did you know that there are simple signs that can let you know that he is falling in love with you?

Here are some of the signs:

He is always with you and cant take his eyes off you.

He has empathy for you. Mabe its the love that is making this empathy happen.

He takes note of everything that you do.

He is the cheerleader for all the things that you do.

Your opinions have an impact on him.

He provides you space so that you are not cramped.

When it comes to you, he is never inconvinenced.

He is always ready to help you in all the areas of your life.



He gets closer to you.

When you are away he misses you and tells you how much he missed you.

What is important to you starts becoming important for him also.

He gives a sense of feeling that he has fallen in love with you.